What Does a Bland Diet Consist Of

Gastrointestinal disorders can be a cause of acute distress to any person. The persistent nagging pain of a stomach ulcer, the discomfort of gastritis, or continual acid indigestion all require a visit to the doctor.

In such cases the doctor will recommend that the person follows a regime of eating commonly known as a bland diet. This diet consists of eating only soft, non salty foods which contain very little acid.

The bland diet is specifically designed to help people recover from any condition where improved digestion would be beneficial, especially in medical situations where stomach problems have been encountered.

The portion sizes of the diet are strictly controlled but the bland diet is not aimed at being a weight reducing diet. Some people have difficulty in maintaining the diet, particularly those who are accustomed to salty or spicy foods.

What Does a Bland Diet Consist Of?

Patients on the bland food diet will be expected to eat soft foods rather than eating heavy, starch type foods such as bread and grain cereals. The whole purpose of the diet is to reduce the degree of peristalsis.

This is the process whereby food passes through the digestive tract, and in cases of stomach disorders, peristalsis needs to be controlled, and is the reason for the control of the sizes of the portions eaten.

Recommended Bland Diet Foods.

-          Mashed potatoes, rice or creamed wheat.

-          Soft and processed fruits are very acceptable bland foods. They include fruit sauces, bananas, and tinned fruits.

-          Fruit juices like apple or grape are allowed.

-          Milk and dairy produce are permissible if taken carefully.

-          Try to include peanut butter, tofu, and eggs instead of eating fibrous or seasoned meat.

Foods to Avoid Whilst on a Bland Diet.

-          Any kind of citrus fruit or their juices like orange juices and lemonades.

-          Do not eat any kind of acidic foods or seeds. During their digestion they can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

-          Although some dairy produce is acceptable, eating any kind of chocolate flavored dairy produce is forbidden.

-          Avoid spicy foods, especially cheese and other high fat products.

Perhaps the largest adjustment a follower of a bland diet will have to make is breaking away from red meats. Good protein can readily be obtained by eating fish or boiled chicken.


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