What Does a Colonoscopy Consist Of

What Does a Colonoscopy Consist Of, Examination, Colon, Large Intestine, Colonoscope.

What Does a Colonoscopy Consist Of

The term colonoscopy refers to a medical examination of the large bowel (colon) which is the section of the large intestine running from the Cecum (the start of the large intestine) to the Rectum, (the lower part of the large intestine leading to the anal canal)..

The colonoscopy consists of an instrument called a colonoscope. The colonoscope is constructed of a long thin flexible tube carrying a light and a tiny video camera at its end, thus facilitating the inside view of the colon by the doctor, and enabling a thorough examination to be conducted from differing internal positions.

The main purpose and function of the colon is to store food which has not been metabolized by the digestive system and is ready to be passed out of the body as faeces. The health of the colon is vital to the overall health of the person, especially the well being of the whole gastrointestinal system

It is recommended that any person who shows any of the following signs should consult a doctor and have a colonoscopy performed as a precaution against any more serious condition developing.

* Any signs of bleeding from the anal passage or the presence of blood in the faeces

* Yellow-green colored pus or mucus in the faeces or any other strange foreign matter.

* Unusual pain in the stomach, especially the lower stomach and pelvis.

* The onset of prolonged bouts of either constipation or diarrhea.

Prior to having a colonoscopy carried out it will be necessary to flush out your system to ensure the cleanliness of the inner colon (the doctor can give a purging agent). It is also advisable to inform the doctor of any medicines, vitamins or herbal supplements which are being taken.

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