What Does a Home Inspection Consist Of.

What Does a home Inspection Consist Of Real Estate

What Does a Home Inspection Consist Of?

A home inspection can consist of many things depending on its purpose. For example you may like the opinion of an authority on all of the security aspects of your home and that you have taken all of the correct precautions against unwanted intruders.

Or you may choose to have your home inspected by the fire authorities to ensure that the correct alarms have been fitted and are fully functional.

However, most homeowners require a home inspection to be carried out for either real estate or insurance purposes to get an idea of the value of their property at current market rates.

The real estate value will be necessary if the owners are contemplating the sale of the property and the mortgage company will demand that the house and outlying property will be insured anyway, which will both necessitate an inspection.

There are a number of services which you can get online that will carry out a home inspection, and any such certified real estate agent will readily carry out the inspection at your convenience and provide a written report usually within a 24 hour period.

The home inspection will consist of an examination of both the exterior and the interior with the following items being included.

* Exterior. The inspection will examine the condition of the roof, the house foundations, chimney, guttering, doors and windows, the patios, paving and driveways along with the condition of the gardens and garage.

* Interior. This will commonly begin at the top of the house in the roof space or attic and then each room will be inspected working down throughout the house. All electrical fittings will be inspected along with the plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom. The ventilation and air conditioning will be examined and all walls, ceilings and flooring will be inspected for signs of mildew or rot. Any internal alarms and security systems will form part of the inspection which will be completed with an examination of the integrity of the overall interior structure.

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