What Does Computer Science Consist Of

Essentially computer science consists of problem solving. The science uses strategies and logic to evaluate various solutions, revise them as necessary to obtain the correct solution.

Computer science began in the 1940’s and blends together all of the technologies involved in access to information. It entails the study of methodical processes for solving problems step by step (algorithmics).

Computer science consists of uncovering, processing, and storing information which is encoded in the memory of a computer. The information is stored in the memory as ‘a bit’ (0 or 1) or usually in ‘bytes’. One byte represents 8 ‘bits’.

What Does Computer Science Consist Of.

Computer science is a much more complicated field than being involved in building computers or in computer programming. The tasks of a computer scientist involve the following –

-          Studying the information about the problem to determine if it can be computed in the first place.

-          Deciding how to get the best solution by the use of algorithmic methods.

-          Creating program languages to express the algorithms, and designing systems to carry out the procedures created.

-          Applying all of this information to application domains and software, which can readily share the new design features.

Computer scientist must have a keen analytical mind capable of persevering until the desired solution to the problem is found. He/she must be extremely adaptable to new technologies, since very often a good scientist will become involved in –

-          Bringing about new applications for computers and being the leader in solving problems encountered in such new uses.

-          Setting up new management infrastructures to maximize the efficiency of business, based on computer technology.

Computer science consists of many disciplines. In the field of mathematics, engineers and researchers are all involved in the use of computers.

The science is equally used in the expanding field of humanities. It is used in law and especially in education. Many school systems are designed for the benefits of educational authorities, teachers and students by computer scientist, solving many of the complex problems encountered in this discipline.

Computer science today is deeply involved in the field of genetics where computer models are designed to answer questions, and assist in genetic backgrounds or evolutionary processes.

Currently much work is being carried out by computer scientists consisting of the study of earthquake and volcanic patterns, along with studies associated with the theory of the origin of the universe from the Big Bang.

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